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Floating Meeting Speech Timer

Have you ever been troubled in controlling the speaker's time?Why not try Floating Meeting Speech Timer?A versatile
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17 February 2011

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This is a timer to track a speaker’s time. The display is floating and can be placed anywhere on the screen.

Quite often meetings vitally depend on the time taken by speakers. Organizers and speakers themselves need some means of looking at the remaining time for his/her speaking slot. This application is a down counter for the time allocated. The time settings can be done for up to a total of ten hours in terms of hours, minutes and seconds. It could be used both on the speaker’s computer, if he is using one, and/or on the session chairman’s machine. The speaker is able to get a running track of the time left for his engagement. The chairman or anyone controlling the time also can track the time and warn the speaker when the time limit approaches. On complete countdown you get an audio alert too.

The clock face is a like a digital clock display with the necessary digits to display the total time. So there’s one digit for the hours display while the minutes and seconds displays are two digits each. The color chosen for the time numerals in black background look good without being too dazzling or distracting. Controls are in the form of usual control buttons on media players; start/pause, stop, forward and reverse. Additionally there is a repeat/reload button. This makes eminent sense as typically you’ll have multiple speakers in a session who are given the same time for speaking. The display is a floating one that it can be placed conveniently on the screen. A nice little tool for this specific use.

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Meetings, discussions, lecture...modern work and life is filled with various meetings. Have you ever been troubled in controlling the speaker's time? Have you ever been puzzled in organizing a lecture? The Floating Meeting Speech Timer may do you a favor. On any position of the screen, the fancy timer can float on the top layer of slide show or web browsers. The embed tens of music will play the hint music at 5 different configurable time point. Supporting countdown, screen lock, speed up/slow down, pause/resume, auto loading etc., this smart kit with both mouse and keyboard operation is really easy to use. Four different display modes, optional skins and transparency, personalized background and fonts, this timer with various outlooks fit for any occasion. Only $14.95, you can enjoy the "Floating Meeting Speech Timer" right now!
Floating Meeting Speech Timer
Floating Meeting Speech Timer
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